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Are you heading to college and anxious about what to expect?

Gain a competitive edge before starting your university classes by attending one of our immersive pre-college sessions!

Receive key insights into thriving in your new academic setting by learning about:

  • Strategies for successfully navigating the college experience

  • Academic preparation and expectations

  • Developing your individual academic plan

  • Adjusting to your new environment and increased responsibilities

  • Balancing coursework and extracurricular activities

  • Social networking pitfalls

  • Staying safe on campus

Click HERE for upcoming sessions.

​No upcoming small-group programs listed in our calendar of events?  We can schedule one for your students. 


One-on-one consultations and individualized plans are available. 

Schedule your free consultation HERE!



To register for updates on workshop offerings,

please complete the form HERE.

Expert Guidance for College Success:

Programs include:

  • College 101: A Primer for the New College Student

  • Achieving Your Academic Goals

  • How to Manage Your Time in College

  • College Living and Wellness

  • Getting Ready for Your Career

Browse the Summer 2024 Schedule HERE


"I completed a fantastic workshop on achieving my academic goals today! It was very informative and helpful for me now as I am heading to college. Their team is full of highly skilled PhD-level professionals who focus on giving you the keys you need to succeed in your academics and career. I highly recommend ATCG. They have helped me clearly identify my goals, focus on them, and find tangible ways to reach them."

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