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Expert Editorial & Granstmanship Support

  • Manuscript writing, editing, & mock peer review

  • Grant writing, editing, & mock peer review

  • Grant administration

Given the increasingly competitive climate for grant funding, our team of grant writers is here to provide a boost to your grant application.  We have secured more than 17 million in Federal, local, and private agency funding dollars over the past 30 years. 

Our experience and keen understanding of the grant-writing process will allow us to:


  • Write grants for the funding solicitations that meet your needs

  • Effectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of your proposals so that you can address them prior to submission

  • Provide editorial support for grants that you have drafted

We also provide the following services for manuscripts:

  • Editorial Services

  • Mock Peer Review



Or, click here to submit a project request.


"I worked with several of these guys when I was climbing the academia ladder on my way to getting tenure in 2014. They are fantastic colleagues, knowledgeable, and incredibly generous with their time and expertise!"

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