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The Gift of Mentorship

Who among us can honestly say that we have gotten to where we are entirely on our own, without the involvement of others, and perhaps a little luck? Let us examine what the word mentor means. According to Merriam-Webster, a mentor is “A trusted counselor or guide”. The fact is, many of us have benefited from mentors at different stages of our lives. Think about the parents, family members, teachers, friends and relative strangers who have touched your lives and made them better, given you the courage to keep going, and equipped you with the tools for success. You might not have consciously associated the word mentor with these individuals who helped you to identify, refine and achieve your goals but in retrospect, you realize that is precisely the role they played! As the holidays approach and we enter the season of gift-giving, why not consider the gift of mentorship? The gift of emotional and aspirational support?

We all have something to offer, not the least of which is life lessons. More importantly, there is no shortage of individuals who would benefit from your counsel. Now more than ever, individuals are in need of guidance regarding their academic and career paths, reassurance that they are capable and can make it through difficult and challenging situations and ultimately thrive in spite of the obstacles they might encounter. Sometimes all it takes is a word of encouragement or advice on appropriate action steps from a trusted advisor to help someone to make the prudent choice when faced with a fork in the road.

Will you consider our mentorship challenge this holiday season and start the new year as a student’s trusted advisor? Sign up here to be matched with a mentee.

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